August 19, 2010

new moves

My buddy has developed some new moves.  His early intervention therapists say some kids need to learn how to play.  As far as I can see, he does just fine on his own... with a big dose of inspiration from monkey bear.  He will feed the baby, hug the baby and cover her with a blanket.  That is until he realizes his true nature and then baby is body slammed into the ground.

My buddy's new signature move is a full body tackle while screaming so hard the veins in his neck bulge.  He is strong enough to knock me over if I'm not prepared and he takes monkey bear down every time.  It really is funny until you are at a playgroup and he thinks little Julia is on the opposing team.  I suppose he could stand to learn some appropriate play.

His sneakiest move consists of starting trouble across the room while you are sitting, say, at the computer.  While you head over there to clean up said trouble, he makes a beeline for your chair.  My buddy can now climb into a chair in the blink of an eye and open 10 windows on the computer before you even realize he's not right behind you.  My signature move now includes sprints across the room to stop trouble and then back to the chair before new trouble arises.

The funniest move my buddy has gets pulled out in a group setting.  If we are at the park and there are a group of adults sitting around watching the kids, my buddy will single one out and walk almost all the way up to them.  He will then stop with his legs really wide, tilt his head to the side, stick out an arm while wiggling his little fingers, and say "aaahhhhh".  (that's how we say Hi in these parts)  It never fails to get a smile along with a, "how cute is he!".

I could go on and on about all the things he does.  I think monkey bear said it best:  "He is the one in our family that makes me laugh."

August 10, 2010

I would never...

I was a nanny for 9 year and had compiled a grand list of things-I-would-never-do when I was the mom.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  Here's just a short list of the rules I've broken thus far:

*  chocolate before 9:00am
*  pick my child's nose
*  couch, carseat, and carpet all encrusted with half chewed crackers
*  donuts a few times a month
*  TV as a babysitter/pacifier
*  share a lollipop with my child
*  out in public with mismatched clothes with a hint of lunch on them and no shoes

Oh, motherhood is nothing like you think it will be.  I do however have my proud moments.  For one, my kids have never eaten fast food (unless you count the munchkins).  We laugh full belly laughs every day.  I shower them with hugs and kisses with plenty of I-love-you's on top.  And I really try and listen to them... well just her for now.  My buddy's biggest heart-to-heart is a deep need for more crackers.

There are so many amazing moments in the life of your children.  Sometimes it's hard to focus on them when all you can see is the trouble and the whining and the nonstop needs.  I've been trying to tell myself that they won't be young forever and don't sweat the small stuff.  Monkey bear is terrified of dogs - no big deal.  My buddy still uses a bottle - chances are he won't when he is 16.  They both want to be in my lap at the same time... bring it on.  I will take every snuggle I can get now and store it away for when they are teenagers.

I spent years not knowing what I wanted to do with my life.  Wondering who I was supposed to be.  Then all of a sudden these two amazing little beings plopped into my life and made me Mom.  I am right where I belong.