April 27, 2011

the other milestones

There are many milestones that parents look forward to and anticipate.  Then there are those other milestones.  Monkey bear has reached the talking back, name calling, sassy phase. 

I am very careful with the words I use around my kids.  I don't have a potty mouth in general and after being a nanny for 9 years, I learned how to avoid "bad" words.  Unfortunately, monkey bear has influences in her life other than me.  (imagine that!)  I have very high expectations of her and her behavior but I'm beginning to wonder how long I can keep her from calling people names. 

I'm also wondering how long I can keep my sanity with the negative behavior.  I don't want to punish her all day long, but I will not accept being spoken to that way or having her hurt my buddy.  Oh, the teenage years are going to be rough!

April 21, 2011


So I've been concerned about my buddy going to preschool for a while.  OK... more like obsessed.  I think I started about 6 months ago.  He still has 6 months to go before he starts school.  I wasn't sure if I really wanted him to go at all.  I know he is growing and maturing, but to me, he's still a baby.  I feel like I have no choice for his preschool.  For monkey bear we visited lots of schools, chose the one we liked and decided what time of day she would go and how many days a week.

Last week we went to an open house at my buddy's preschool.  It is housed in an elementary school that was beautiful and clean.  The woman who runs the program already had my buddy's paperwork and knew about him.  The classes are small with lots of typical peers and the teachers know sign language. I felt relieved and for the first time, actually excited about this next step.

I think the hardest part will be sending him 5 days a week.  Monkey bear will only be going 3 days a week and she's a year older.  At the same time, it will be so nice not to be his therapist anymore.  The pressure of Birth to 3 with four therapists all expecting me to work with him on a daily basis is a lot.

Next year will bring a lot of changes.  There will be the hustle of getting two kids to two different schools and somehow getting everyone lunch and naps.  And there will be me... letting go... just a little.

April 5, 2011


Dear Little Boy at the Library:

I am so sorry you were there when my buddy and I came to the library today.  You were so kind, coming right up to my buddy saying, "Hi" and introducing yourself.  You even invited my buddy to play at the train table with you.  My buddy, of course, ignored you and headed to the horses.  When you tried to play with him, he pushed the barn away from you.

After a short while, you did get a nice greeting from my buddy - the face push and growl.  It was done with a smile, so you took it in stride.  You were so excited when my buddy came over to the train table to join you.  Unfortunately, that excitement didn't last long as my buddy tried to swipe the one train you were playing with.  Oh, and the look on your face when he threw that train... let's just be glad he didn't hit you with it.

I'm sure you were relieved when we left after a short while.  I truly am sorry that my buddy got one last push in as I was trying to collect our things.  I hope you can forgive us and we can meet again under better circumstances.

With Deepest Regret,
That Mom