February 27, 2014


My buddy is invited to a birthday party for one of his kindergarten classmates. It's at one of those indoor inflatable jumpy places. The whole thing just makes me a little nervous. He generally loves the bounce houses to the point where he is exhausted and you have to crawl in and pull him out kicking and screaming. The indoor places tend to be very loud with a whole lot of sensory input. My buddy will either love it or hate it. No telling which.

I also don't know what his classmates parents know about my buddy. He's in the class picture and everyone got a Valentine with his photo on it, so he shouldn't be a surprise.  I've only ever met one mom and one dad from his kindergarten. I'm not great at meeting new people and really want to make a good impression so I can start to form some local friendships.

My buddy has had a really off week at school and I have no idea why.  The party is still over a week away, so he can snap out of whatever is going on.

I've been getting more interested in photography - I love the way an image can make you feel. I aspire to take better photos. Buying a DSLR camera seemed like too big of an expense for a hobby, so I found an online course taught by a blogger I enjoy on how to take better photos with your phone. Yay! Something just for me that I can do in the little increments of time I sneak for myself. I've been enjoying it and since rara is willing (and home when the light is the best) she's been my loyal subject.

She loves to feed herself yogurt... and is surprisingly neat.


Rara loves her Mickey Mouse figurines and plays with them for hours at a time.

OK.  There is one other lady home with me during the day...

It may have taken me all day to figure out how to get a higher quality picture on my blog and get rid of the frame that blogger automatically put on the pictures and then write code, but I think it was worth it.  Hopefully it will get easier!

February 24, 2014


I used to love magazines. I'd check the mail and there was a shiny new magazine just bursting with ideas. I would read it cover to cover and love every bit. Then I had kids. I ran out of time and let my subscriptions die off. But then my mom found a great deal and there was that fund raiser.  Suddenly magazines are back in my life.

Now, I hate magazines. They make me feel like a terrible mom, unhealthy eater, noncrafty and generally lazy.  Not to mention the fact that none of their brilliant child centered ideas would ever work for my buddy.  Like in order to get a bit of quiet you just, "Hand your child a bell and see of he can walk across the room without making a noise.  If you hear the bell ding, he has to come back to the starting line and begin again."  HA! In my house it would be more like, "Ring bell as loud as possible while laughing hysterically and spinning in circles. When that doesn't get enough attention, hit sisters on head with bell producing louder ding and cries."

My buddy would never fall for the good ol' "tempt your picky eater with our happy face veggie bagel." If it doesn't look like something he has ever seen before then he isn't touching it. Rara would think it was fun to pull apart, but she isn't eating it either.

Why on earth would I ever want to make my own stamps so I can create one of a kind wrapping paper.  Hello?! Wrapping paper just gets thrown away.

So I will rip out some fun crafts that big sis will enjoy and I will stop feeling bad about myself and recycle the rest. And if you really want to make my life Real Simple please include a maid and/or chef with every subscription.

Now for some pictures:

just chit chatting after the others went to bed

he says "iPad head" meaning he wants to play with a blanket on his head.

snuggle time

February 16, 2014


It is amazing watching a child learn how to talk. Rara's language is blossoming. It is easy, joyful and logical. She strings 2-3 words together making observations like "Dada's shirt" and "my baby". It is so cute, I have a hard time resisting her requests with that adorable little voice.

she loves when she gets her hands on a pen

Of course as I watch rara learn to talk, I realize that my buddy's struggle to communicate is so much more than just being able to say the sounds and make them into words.  I haven't been able to put my finger on exactly what it is. When you ask him a question, you are more likely to have him repeat the last word of the question than to actually answer it.  Sometimes he shouts, "Mama" and when I say, "What do you want?", he often just puts his head down unable to answer me.  Maybe my buddy thinks I know what he is thinking or that by just calling my name he will get what he wants.  I have no idea.

My buddy cannot be described as quiet but at the same time, he doesn't go out of his way to try and talk.  I can't really explain how he is.  I thought it was just a straight up delay in talking, but just like in the past, I underestimated the effect of that extra chromosome.  I don't fully understand how language progresses, but after watching rara closely, I can see that my buddy is progressing in a much different way.

I still have high hopes that one day he will be able to have full conversations with me.  Until then, I will have to try and understand him as best I can.

We've had a couple of snow days and now are in the midst of a long weekend.  Even though big sis was behaving as a teenager in the past, she's come around and we've had some fun.  We've all been enjoying spending the extra time together.  I know these days of childhood are short and some day I will look back with longing so I am really trying to embrace the time we have. 

yes, I feel as tired as I look!

February 6, 2014

little things

The big kids had an all school assembly where they paraded around, each class a different country, and had a little Olympics opening ceremony.  My buddy's kindergarten class made a little song for The Mitten story and performed.  My buddy was amazing - following right along with the other kids and doing his part perfectly.

I was sitting close to his class, so after the performance, he sat with rara and I.  The dad who was sitting next to me went on and on about how his son loves my buddy and talks about him all the time.  It was so nice to hear.  I never know what other kids think of my buddy.  I worry that my buddy is a distraction in the classroom and wonder if other kids might be upset that my buddy gets to play ball after he finishes his morning work instead of staying in his seat and practicing sight words.

Whenever my buddy gets to do something that I wouldn't allow big sis to do, she becomes upset.  I try and explain that my buddy is different than her and there are some situations he doesn't do well in so he gets to do special things. Her response every time is, "He is not different."  Guess I taught her too well.

he was an owl

the country of Sweeden

Lately I've been really inspired by a family in my home town that lost their 7 year old son.  Seems like an odd thing to be inspired by.  But this mom.  She is amazing.  She is carrying around this unimaginable grief yet she shares stories about her son so we can all feel like we knew him.  She is strong for her other two children and her husband.  She is gracious and constantly thanks others for their support.  I hope never to know that kind of grief, but if I do, may I be half as inspiring as her.

While I can't really imagine things like Newtown, I can imagine your child having a severe illness and passing away from it.  I keep their family in my thoughts and in my heart.  Every day, I hold my children just a little tighter grateful for every moment we get to spend together.

This week we had 2 snow days and a late opening .  In the past this would have sent me into a pity party, but instead we made the best of it - cooking, playing and being together.  It's never all sunshine and unicorns but we did our best to enjoy each other.

she especially loves running away when I am trying to get her dressed

Valentine fun

eating copious amounts of uncooked granola

TMNT jammies and an attempt to get a "great" picture of him

my mom channeled her inner Maria VonTrapp and made capes etc out of kids old curtains

a place to vroom trucks

unrequested hugs are the best kind

I wonder about my kids future but I also put a lot of effort into making their now happy and fulfilling.  This life we live is short.  Do something every day that makes you smile.  Take pleasure in life's little things.