December 20, 2009

new dreams

I had to fill out a form the other day and say what my biggest disappointment in life is.  I am happy to report that Down syndrome was nowhere on that paper.  My buddy gets more fun every day and I am relaxing a little on spending so much time doing his therapies.

In fact, I have a new dream for him.  I know planning your child’s adult life is a waste of time and you will always be disappointed, but I just can’t help myself.  I have a dream for monkey bear as well, but don’t tell her father.  She will have many children and be a wonderful stay-at-home-mom.  If her current obsession with babies continues, my dream may come true!

Now, for my buddy.  He will have his own apartment, but it will be an in-law apartment so he will always be close to me.  He will love to watch ABC Family movies and every time a good one comes on, we’ll make a delicious snack and watch together.  I don’t dream big.  I just dream about what will bring me the most joy.

December 13, 2009


It’s crazy the joy I get out of watching my buddy stand up.  He has mastered pulling himself to stand on various objects.  He will even put a toy on the couch, pull himself up, and play while standing.  He has to be leaning on something, but he is quite secure.  He even will take a few steps to the side if something is worthwhile- ie the remote control or Mommy’s magazine.

It is just the cutest thing you ever saw.  He smiles and babbles away just so very proud of what he can do.  I know he worked so hard to get there and because he’s exercising himself (giving Mommy a break) I don’t care what he does while standing.  He’s been known to pull all the CD’s out of the CD player, hammer the TV, push every button on the cable box, and lean so far over the edge of the tub that he fell in.

But the funniest thing I ever saw while standing was just before tubby time.  Monkey bear was already in the tub and my buddy was standing leaning against the outside of the tub “talking” to his sister.  I got him undressed (while standing) and then pulled his diaper off.  He pushed his body away from the tub, supporting himself with his hands, looked down, and peed right on the side of the tub. For some reason, the sight of that chubby guy doing something a grown man would do just cracked me up.