June 21, 2016


We're already 2 weeks into summer. I promised myself I would be on top of home schooling with my buddy, but I've yet to start. We've spent tons of time swimming. I have enforced the no iPad during the day rule and that has led to lots of playing together. I am amazed at how well my buddy and rara have been playing.

My buddy will say, "Rara play?" She always responds, "Yes. But you have to remember that I am little and you need to be gentle with me." It's super cute. Rara has gotten a little better at getting out of his way when he starts to get upset, but she's still stands her ground often... and often ends up getting hurt.

It warms my heart to watch them becoming friends. It took 4 years, but they're starting to build a solid relationship. They make each other laugh. I can let them play alone in his room without fear. I wasn't sure this day would ever come. I am enjoying it as much as they are.

June 13, 2016


Tomorrow little rara turns 4. She is something else, that girl. She is brave and funny yet sensitive. The first time she meets you, she will act shy. The second time she meets you, she will climb onto your lap or ask you to pick her up because she assumes anyone that knows her even a little wants to hold her. She will hug and kiss everyone. She makes friends wherever she goes.

At least ten times a day, she will come tearing across the house calling your name with this urgency as if the house were on fire. When you ask her what she wants, she simply says, "I love you!"

When she needs comfort she will rub her hands all over your arms. She has done it since she was a baby. When I asked her why arms, she replied, "because they are soft."

She loves wearing a costume because of all the attention she gets. But her favorite character to pretend to be is Britney from Alvin and the Chipmunks. When she dresses as someone else, she will say she is Britney pretending to be Hazel.

She can play by herself but really prefers it when someone else plays with her. She never backs down - even if her brother is about to squash her. She makes just enough trouble, then turns on the charm. When she does get into trouble, she is genuinely sorry and quickly tells you so. She is sweet and caring and a great little kid.