March 22, 2016


My self portrait topic this week was Childhood Me. As I started thinking about what I was like as a child, I realized that I'm the same way as an adult. I had my dad build a little ladder and seat into a tree in our front yard. I used to sit up there with a book and watch the neighbors mill about. I still love trees and books and solitude (while being close enough to others as to not feel lonely).

I think parenthood is the perfect way to study personalities. Kids are their own distinct people. Their personality comes across at a very early age. Looking at pictures, it's so obvious to see who they are. Of course, I don't photograph the hard times - I'm in there elbow deep. And there is a lot of personal growth in the hard times but I like to focus on the every day.

Big sis was mothering before she could even walk. She shies away from the camera and takes a while to warm up to people. She is loyal and kind.

When my buddy is doing his own thing, he is in it 100%. He loves an audience and wants you to share in the fun with him. He wants to run with you, but only if he is in the lead.

Little rara has a big personality. She stands up for herself and all that she believes in (usually by shouting at her big brother and shoving him in the face). She is silly. She is sweet. She is sociable and outgoing.

March 14, 2016

that kid can't even talk

The other day we were at the park and my buddy was in the sandbox headed for a truck when another boy swooped in a grabbed it. My buddy shouted at him for a minute following him around, but then decided to walk away. As I followed my buddy, I heard the boy laugh to his friends and say, "That kid can't even talk!!"

My heart broke a little. I wanted to say something, but even days later, I don't know what the proper response would have been. We were already walking away and I know my buddy didn't hear him. Even if he did, I don't think he would have cared. I can picture him saying, "Dude. I can talk... YOU just can't understand me."

It's amazing how 2 seconds of life can sit in your gut and fester. It almost makes me forget all the kids who actually know him and like him.

Every day when I pick the kids up from school, at least a handful of kids will go out of their way to say hello to my buddy. Once kids understand who he is, they accept him and even learn to understand him.

Last week when the weather was nice, we stayed after school to play on the playground. One afternoon, when it wasn't too crowded, my buddy had two friends at the playground. They were so amazing with him. They did what he wanted them to do, being so patient when he was getting frustrated. They kept on encouraging him to play with them and never once got upset with him. He talked to them and they understood him. It was perfect.