November 23, 2009

wrestling hour

My buddy is an easy going guy, but it takes a lot to make him really laugh.  I spend hours every day pulling out all the stops and doing things I never would in public.  But, alas, no laughter.  His usual expression says, “I wonder what that crazy lady is doing…”.

Every night after dinner, I lie on the floor and he comes crawling over with a determined look in his eyes.  Let wrestling hour begin.  For someone who only commando crawls, he somehow can leap through the air and land on my stomach.  My buddy lets out the biggest laugh as we roll around on the ground.

He just loves rough, physical play.  When monkey bear tickles him,  which is not gentle at all, he laughs and laughs.  My buddy’s other love is anything that lights up and plays music.  He will find 3 or 4 toys and have them all going at the same time.  I guess this means I am in for many years of loudness.

My buddy and monkey bear are so different, yet they compliment each other perfectly.

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