December 20, 2009

new dreams

I had to fill out a form the other day and say what my biggest disappointment in life is.  I am happy to report that Down syndrome was nowhere on that paper.  My buddy gets more fun every day and I am relaxing a little on spending so much time doing his therapies.

In fact, I have a new dream for him.  I know planning your child’s adult life is a waste of time and you will always be disappointed, but I just can’t help myself.  I have a dream for monkey bear as well, but don’t tell her father.  She will have many children and be a wonderful stay-at-home-mom.  If her current obsession with babies continues, my dream may come true!

Now, for my buddy.  He will have his own apartment, but it will be an in-law apartment so he will always be close to me.  He will love to watch ABC Family movies and every time a good one comes on, we’ll make a delicious snack and watch together.  I don’t dream big.  I just dream about what will bring me the most joy.

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