December 23, 2010


I am raising two very different children.  Other than a deep love for each other, I don't think they have anything in common. 

Monkey bear had her preschool family celebration the other day.  The kids filed in and stood with their toes on a line and sang a song... at least that was the intention.

Monkey bear froze as soon as she walked into the room and had to be led to the line by a teacher.  She did manage to do the hand signs but that was it.  There was a lot of nose/eye/mouth rubbing and when the hand wasn't enough, she proceeded to lift her dress and wipe her face with that.  Monkey bear did warn me ahead of time that she wasn't going to sing anything.

Meanwhile, my buddy walked from person to person like the mayor of Munchkinville.  He smiled and waved at anyone who would look at him.  My buddy loves the attention - looking each person in the eye then smiling that award winning smile.  Of course, he took a break now and then to try and run out the door or lick the floor - it is hard to resist licking a shiny surface.

One of the most fun parts of parenthood is finding out who your children will turn out to be. 

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  1. maybe one day he'll do theater like his mama! ; )