April 2, 2012


Another holiday is approaching where my buddy gets left out.  Granted he has no idea he is missing out on the fun.  Today monkey bear got to decorate eggs.  I really wanted to wait until my buddy was home from school and let him participate.  Then visions of a dyed egg being tossed across the room, landing with a splat, permanently dying the floor Spring Green came to mind.  Not to mention the thought of cupfuls of Paas being dumped on skin, clothes and hair.

I feel so guilty knowing that my buddy doesn't get to color eggs or bake Christmas cookies or even pick out his own Halloween costume.  I love a holiday and I especially love the memories of all the traditions and fun activities my mom did with us.  My mom hid Easter candy around the house up until we were in our 20's - and we never complained once! 

I find myself saying - but he's 3.  He should be able to join us.  Then he takes a spoonful of cereal and flings it across the table and I remember who my buddy is.  He has so many wonderful qualities.  He is funny and outgoing and genuine.  But my buddy is impulsive and reckless.  I have high hopes that he will grow out of this phase some day.  Until then, we will have our traditions when he isn't looking and rest peacefully knowing there will be many years where he will participate in everything.

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