October 25, 2009

did she just say that???

Once a week we go to a little class for toddlers that my friend teaches.  Monkey bear loves the class and my buddy gets a kick when we are all singing.  It is a small class so we all know each other.

The other day, one mom was asking me if I did prenatal testing when I was pregnant with my buddy.  She then went on to say that when she was pregnant, she chose to have an amnio done to find out if her baby had Down syndrome so she could terminate the pregnancy if he did.

Wait… what?!?!

Did she just say that to my face???  This woman knows my son, has spent time with him for the past few months, and she thinks nothing of saying to my face that she would have aborted him.

The worst part is that I was so stunned that I didn’t even say anything.  I don’t think she has any idea that she offended and really hurt me.  My first chance to defend William and all I could say was, “I wouldn’t have done anything differently if I had known.”

How could someone see how wonderful my buddy is and still chose not to have him?

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