May 12, 2010

busy, busy

I wonder if all the appointments will ever slow down for my buddy.  This week we have a chiropractor (to help with reflux), speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.  All that attention and focus on him... no wonder monkey bear is regressing.

We are in a phase of baby talk, carry me, snuggle me, put on my footie PJ's all day, etc.  I indulge when possible, but I put my foot down at leaving the house in footie PJ's.  I'll also sneak in a, "Mommy can't understand you when you talk like that so I don't know what you want."

In her defense, my buddy gets more than his fair share of attention.  Being younger, he just isn't able to do what monkey bear can.  I still need to feed him (assuming I want less than 70% on the floor), there are exercises to do, sign language to learn and teach, tons of encouragement, lots of hand-over-hand to teach him different skills, and all the therapies... not to mention the doctor appointments.

I assume at some point life will even out and I won't feel so controlled by the never ending list of "trained professionals" we must see in order for my buddy to be the best that he can be.  I don't want to hold him back in any way, but at the same time, there are days when I resent all the people involved in my parenting.

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