May 22, 2010

kids like mine

My friend is taking a children's literature class and one of her assignment was to look at older children's books and compare them to newer ones.  One thing she noticed is that books in the 50's were more homogeneous.  Nowadays we see every race, gender, and hair color represented.  That got me thinking.

How many books, TV shows, advertisements or movies have kids that look like mine?

Very few.

You'll never pick up a main stream children's book and see someone with Down syndrome in the mix.  You never see a Pampers commercial or formula advertisement and see my buddy... mostly because he doesn't follow direction well and refuses to pose for the camera... but that doesn't change the point that they aren't out there.  I have found specific Down syndrome books or catalogs for kids with special needs and, thankfully, there is Sesame Street.

I really considered taking the matter into my own hands and contacting a talent agency and getting my buddy out there and raising awareness and pushing for our rights.  But then I realized who I was (and who he is) and thought better of it.  I'm not sure what I can do, but I do hope some day to flip through a book, and randomly, see a child with Down syndrome doing just what all the other kids are doing.   No special mention.  No bells and whistles.  Just hangin' with the other kids joining in the fun.

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  1. Elena - I really hope that someday this will happen. That tolerance will grow.