June 2, 2010


My buddy finally did it.  He finally spoke.  If I point to a picture of me or have him touch my face and ask, "Who's that?" he answers with an enthusiastic, "MA!".  And when he sees a picture of Daddy, he says, "ma ma"... close enough for me!

Better than hearing that little voice - which I assure you is amazing - is the look he gets on his face.  I, of course, overreact with a "Woo Hoo" and big hug.  My buddy couldn't look more proud.  He smiles and looks as if he personally achieved world peace.

Oh and monkey bear.  She will jump up and down saying, "Yay he just said Mama!!!"  I can't wait for speech therapy next week.  I hope this is the beginning of a word explosion for him.  I really look forward to talking with him and learning more about who he will be.

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