June 22, 2010


Trouble.  That's what we call my buddy.  This morning from the shower I hear a frantic monkey bear calling my name.  I look out of the shower to see my buddy standing on top of the hope chest.  There goes my morning shower.  After climbing over the hope chest, he gets to Daddy's alarm clock - which he turns on and then promptly throws behind the night stand only to climb to the top of the night stand to look for it. 

This takes all of 37 seconds.

We say he goes from 0 - 120 mph.  Zero is when he is asleep and 120mph is every other minute of the day when he is awake.  The second he wakes up he sits right up and stands in our bed trying to climb over me and into a pile of trouble.

This evening, while trying to make dinner, another frantic call from monkey bear.  This time my buddy has pulled out the desk chair, climbed on up, and has one foot on the desk while pounding on the computer.  Every child-proofing thing I can find only works for a blissful week or two.  I am considering selling all belongings but toys.  Who needs chairs, couches, or desks?

I wouldn't mind if he climbed into a chair and sat for a while.  But he stands and walks around with no regard to the fact that he is a few feet off the ground and if you step the wrong way, gravity will take over.  I'm not sure what my buddy hears when I say, "NO".  I think he hears, "Please keep on doing what you were just a little faster and more frantic before I reach you and physically remove you."

Of course there is that part of you that hip hip hooray's the fact that he can pull a chair out and then climb up, isn't lazy, and wants to be into everything.  For me, that part exists while he is sleeping and I am finally sitting down.

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