October 7, 2010


My buddy loves music.  He will stand in front of the computer signing 'music' in hopes I will open up iTunes and crank up the volume.  My buddy's Dance Mix has a healthy dose of Caillou, a big scoop of Toddles Favorites like 'The Wheels on the Bus' and 'Old MacDonald', a cup full of Baby Signing Time and a sprinkle of Laurie Berkner.  If you try and stray from the mix, you must accept the wrath.  And my buddy requests '5 Little Monkeys' to start off each dance party.

While I may tire of hearing children's songs in the car and tend to sing them in my sleep, it really does work magic.  Car rides are always happy.  I can have a few minutes to make dinner in peace.  And most importantly I can shower.

I made a CD of my buddy's Dance Mix for his room.  I plop him in his crib, crank up the tunes, and shower without worry.  Before he could climb, I could barricade him in my room and shower fast.  But now he can get into anything and does get into everything.  I assume at some point I can leave him alone for a few minutes without fear for his life.

It's so hard not to compare him with Monkey Bear.  She is so aware of the "Rules" and would never dream of breaking a rule.  We never locked any cabinets or cleared off shelves and tables.  You would have to say - a few times when she was younger - "Don't touch" and that was that.  My buddy, oh my buddy, loves to start trouble.  He is into everything.  I fear the day he climbs out of his crib.  I'll have to empty his room of everything and lock him in there at night.

My hope is that someday he will develop some impulse control and sense of this-might-hurt-me-if-I-do-it.  But my hopes aren't too high for it happening any day soon.


  1. Johanna loves music too! We do Music Together--I don't know if they have it near you--but she's just amazing in the class.
    As for the climbing and impulse...so not about the extra chromosome and all about that extra testosterone, I think. Johanna is so good...I never have to worry about her and honestly never really bothered to baby proof the house. Teddy at 14 months is an absolute disaster! I can't leave him alone for a second. And I know any day now he's going to try climbing out of his crib...

  2. "My hope is that someday he will develop some impulse control and sense of this-might-hurt-me-if-I-do-it." If you figure out that magic bullet, make sure you SHARE!!! Pretty please. :)