February 24, 2011

random thoughts

While I am too sleep deprived to do any deep thinking or put together long ideas, I do have a few questions and thoughts that have gone unanswered.  My first being - who would have thought that almost 4 years into motherhood and I am still so tired.  Why is it that I cannot get more than 2 consecutive nights of sleep?  I have had this eye twitch for about 3 weeks now and I am going to have to take drastic measures soon.

What did my husband do to this keyboard in law school that makes it so you have to pound on the 'k' key?

Why do they poop as soon as you put a fresh diaper on?

How can I dream of being away from my kids and having a minute to myself and when I finally get away for a minute, I don't know what to do with myself?  Didn't I used to have a life and spend all sorts of time alone? 

Is it really possible when my buddy goes to preschool in the fall that he won't jump from table tops, dump every container he can get his hands on, and eat random things?  Is school really my buddy-proof? 

How come Daddy can't straighten the covers and wake up with monkey bear in the morning?  Why does she demand only me?

What is it about escaping that is so intriguing to my buddy?  Isn't the room full of toys and kids enough for him?

How can my buddy claw your eyeball out when he has only a tiny sliver of white on his fingernails?

Will the I-look-4-months-pregnant belly flab ever go away or will I always have to tuck it into my pants?  Is there really any way to lose weight without being hungry?  Why oh why did I waste my teenage years hating my cellulite-free body?  I should have been walking around in a bikini showing that thang off.

What will life be like when both kids are in school?  How will I define myself when Mommy is no longer the center of their life?

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  1. Hi Elena,
    I have been following your blog,and I really enjoy it! I think some of your comments are really funny, and I always enjoy your stories about your kids. What made me really laugh is when you were talking about how you dream of a free minute from your kids and when you do get one you don't know what to do with yourself. I also enjoyed the fashion post about monkey bear, so cute!
    I am sorry to hear about your two miscarriages, that must have been so hard. And it is great to see a mother so proud of her children no matter what society would deem as having an issue they may have. I have two autistic cousins, and I love them to death! There is nothing wrong them. They are so intelligent! And my pastor's brother has downsyndrome, and he is the sweetest and most cheerful person in our church!
    Thanks again for your stories and for your persistent positive attitude! I look forward to your next post!