February 2, 2011


My buddy loves to dance.  He has different dances he does to different songs.  One personal favorite is the Diaper Dance (performed to Baby Signing Time).  There is an abundance of butt in and out and all around.  Monkey bear is into music from an old kids show - Hi 5.  They have a song called 'Robot #1'.  I do a mean robot dance (this is funny enough on its own considering I cut my head open on the chair rail picking food up off the ground just today).  My buddy has his own version of the robot.  Hysterical!

Monkey bear's dancing usually involves lots of spinning around and sticking her leg out.  It's the same no matter what song is on.  And it's never in time to the music.  I think my dreams of living the life of a professional dancer through her is out.

One of my favorite qualities of my buddy is you can see every thought and feeling all over his face.  He is truly present in every moment.  Something I think most of us could use a little more of.  When my buddy hears a song that is in need of some tail shaking, he drops the toy he's playing with and dances with wild abandon.  The pure joy on his face is infectious.

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