March 10, 2011


I love it when little milestones are met without even trying.  When my buddy was a baby, we spent so much time doing exercises and pushing him constantly.  I noticed every little thing he did.  I suppose there is so much less going on with a baby than a toddler so it's easy to miss them now.  I've also lowered my standards for myself and spend a lot more time playing and goofing off.

Here's a list of mini-milestones my buddy's met recently:

*  No longer going through 6 bibs a day - down to about 2
*  I can take my hand off his plate for 30 seconds without him dumping it instantly
*  Will listen to "No" if you are standing right next to him - don't have to physically remove him
*  He can walk up the stairs by himself just holding onto the railing
*  Once in a while he'll hold my hand when we are out and actually walk the way I want him to
*  He looks up in the tub so the water doesn't pour down his face
*  No more open mouth, full tongue kisses 

And the best one of them all...

*  He signs "love you" and blows kisses every naptime and bedtime

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