September 2, 2011

open house

This afternoon was the open house at my buddy's soon-to-be preschool.  It was an informal 30 minute meet the teacher/other kids/fill out paperwork kind of a thing.  As we entered the classroom, most parents were sitting down in pint sized chairs filling out all necessary papers so their kids can start school in 4 days.  Let's just say I was not one of those parents casually checking boxes while my child played nicely or sat next to me and colored.  You could find me with the red folder tucked under my arm stopping my buddy from running out the door, playing in the toilet, dumping all containers, etc.  At least they don't need my information for a few more weeks.

I was slightly relaxed and optimistic about my buddy starting preschool in October... until today.  I felt like I was in a movie where the heroine is trapped and looks in every direction seeing more and more danger with no escape.

There was a nice selection of items that my buddy can use against himself - scissors, sharpened pencils, play coins just the right size to choke on.  Pan to the bathroom with a door that doesn't close all the way.  Imagine my buddy with his hands in the toilet with no lid.  Oh, and while your imagination is working, feel free to add his body covered in the markers that are accessible.

My buddy will have a field day with the teacher's desk, the computer and books with paper pages.  I can't even think about the poor kid who gets one of those ginormous wooden blocks smashed into his head.  After a while I had to stop looking.  I started the mantra: he's not the first kid with Down syndrome to go to preschool.  They must know what they are doing.

I'll do my best to warn them at our PPT next month.  Just look out for the innocent 3 year old who happens to be next to my buddy when the urge to throw is too big to ignore.  Never take your eyes off my buddy and just assume 80% of his behavior will be inappropriate.

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