August 24, 2011

big sister

Monkey bear has just realized that she is the big sister.  She's only 2 years and 10 months behind on that one.  I guess when your little brother enters your life when you are 15 months old you can hardly equate your still-baby-self to a big sister.  I think all this time monkey bear has thought of them as equals.

It all started a month ago when she was able to help my buddy climb onto a bed that was up high.  It was the first time she had ever lifted him.  Monkey bear now tells me to be quiet so she can be the big sister and teach him.  When we are out for walks and my buddy sees a bike and says, "aaaack," monkey bears says, "b it starts with b ... can you say bbbbike?"

Monkey bear can also be seen carrying my buddy down the hallway.  This is really amusing.  Monkey bear is maybe 5 inches taller and weighs 37lbs to his 35lbs.  She gets her arms around him from behind and leans back.  I'm amazed that she can make it down the hallway with him in her arms.  But she does... and he loves it.

The funny part is that she's been the most amazing big sister all along.  She spent hours lying next to him for tummy time, did countless funny faces to get him to stay sitting, and tirelessly walked up and down the hallway holding his hands teaching him to walk.  I think that more than makes up for the fact that she never picked him up as a baby or carried him around.

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