October 13, 2011

end of an era

Birth to 3 has been coming to my house since my buddy was 4 weeks old.  There have been small changes and additions to our team but for the most part they've supported, educated, and worked my buddy to the bone for the past 3 years.  When he hears that knock, his face lights up and he goes running to the door.

Monkey bear has been known to play speech therapy or physical therapy - games that I'm sure aren't in every house!  She studied the therapists and helped with encouraging words then puts her babies through the trenches.

There have been times when I didn't want someone coming over twice a week every week and felt like my child wasn't my own.  It's tough having the 'homework' and list of exercises I should be doing with my buddy.  I always dreaded the report of, "he hasn't done anything new."  But I know with all my heart that he would never be doing all the things he is able to do without their guidance and knowledge.

Our Birth to 3 team came the other day for a goodbye party.  Since it was a party, monkey bear insisted I bake a cake.  They brought balloons and presents - even one for monkey bear for being such a good helper.  They all ate cake even though it was 9:30am.  There were hugs all around.  My buddy made two rounds with the hugs and gave out some kisses as well.  It was bittersweet. 

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