October 18, 2011


My buddy is officially a preschooler.  He loves school and is excited in the morning to go.  I have to physically restrain him just to give a quick kiss before he runs into the building.  He could care less that Mommy is leaving.  I was emotionally fine on the first day.  I knew he wouldn't cry and he would have fun.  It's right up his alley - a room of fun toys and friends to share them with.

As the days go by - Ok so it's only been 3 days but that's not the point - I'm having a harder and harder time with it.  All the parents get a sheet home that says what the story was, what songs they sang, what activities they did and what snack was.  But that is all I know.  My buddy can't tell me anything about what he did.  I have no idea if he tried the snack, ate any of it, drank anything.  Did he sit for circle time?  Has he been listening?  Do the other kids play with him?  Is he trying to communicate with anyone or is he quiet?

I don't know if I'm being Overprotective Mom by wanting to know all of this.  I know it's only 2.5 hours and I don't expect the teacher to give me a blow by blow but I get very little information.

I also didn't expect so much of preschool to be above my buddy.  I know that sounds crazy.  He has Down syndrome and will never be on target with his peers.  I also know that when he is little is the closest he will ever be to being on target - the gap will only widen as he gets older.

When I think about the class having a discussion of their neighborhood I can't help thinking about the obvious - my buddy can't talk so he can't really be a part of the discussion.  But on top of that, I don't think he even knows what a neighborhood is.  They drew pictures of their favorite toy.  Aside from the fact that there is no picture drawing for my buddy, I don't think he could answer (even using signs) if asked what his favorite toy is.  They have to bring in something from home to share with the class.  Sure I can stick a toy in his backpack, but how is he going to share it with the other kids?  Other than naming it (with signs) and possibly saying the color, (with signs) that's about all he has.

I need to just let it go.  My buddy loves school and that should be enough for me.

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