December 27, 2011

Mrs. Nice Pants

No more Mrs. Nice Pants.  My buddy's teachers are about to see the Mama and Papa Bear come out of hibernation.  I've been concerned about the amount of speech therapy my buddy was receiving at school.  We recently had an informal meeting with his teacher and speech therapist about it and the response we got was - we're still getting to know him.

My mom is in town and she also happens to be a retired Special Education Teacher.  We talked about what my buddy was receiving - she couldn't believe how little speech therapy he was getting.   I also showed her the IEP (which they never reviewed with me, just stuck into my buddy's backpack one day) and apparently a lot of the goals are poor.

The most frustrating thing as a parent is I don't speak special ed.  I am more than willing to fight for what he needs, but I need a professional to help me figure out what he needs.  Silly me thought his teacher and team of specialists would be there for me and want to do everything they can to help my buddy succeed. 

The good news is my mom still has many friends in the education field and we will have no problem finding an advocate to help us.  She will know the proper words to use and what is reasonable to ask for... and fight for if it comes to that.

I really wanted to have a positive experience our first year in school with no battles.  I assumed the school would offer everything they could giving my buddy the opportunity he needs to grow and learn.  The rose colored glasses are off.

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  1. I'm in the same position & at times I feel that my hands are tied. This is my son's second year in school; however, since he's been in-an-out due to sickness, it's really difficult to get "good" assessment of where my son is. I wish that there is a checklist that parents can use to determine if our children are receiving adequate therapies (speech, ot, pt, etc.) I look forward to reading your result on finding advocates to help you and your son. Good luck!