January 18, 2012


When we were having our second child, there was a nagging fear that we wouldn't love them as much or the older child wouldn't want them in the family.  Then that second child is born with an extra chromosome and the fears are multiplied.  I am very happy to report that all our fears were unjustified.

It really helps that my buddy is just so darn loveable.  He hugs with all his heart and is genuinely happy to see you walking his way.  It also helps that monkey bear is an extraordinary girl.  She has compassion and kindness oozing from every pore.

Lately they have become pros at playing together and it just warms my heart.  One favorite game is 'baby'.  My buddy will lay on monkey bear's lap like he is the baby.  Monkey bear will rock him back and forth while singing a lullaby.  My buddy will do a fake snore.  Then it's feeding time followed with a vigorous pat on the back.  My buddy's real good with a loud fake burp. 

Another favorite game is hide-and-seek.  My buddy will go to the front door, cover his face and count (a series of grunts).  He is so good at finding monkey bear and they are both so excited.  When it's my buddy's turn to hide, you better find him fast because he doesn't stay hidden for long.

I think the one that makes me laugh the most is what we call 'chase the vacuum'.  When I vacuum, I will chase them as I clean pretending that I am about to suck them up.  My buddy one day decided to chase us around with their play vacuum.  Everyone ends up in hysterics. 

Seeing my two favorite people enjoying each others company so much makes me one happy Mama.

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