September 12, 2012

potty talk

There are some things about parenthood that you never expect.  OK, there are a lot of things but at least they creep up one at a time.  The last few weeks have been full of potty talk... literally.

Monkey bear has started kindergarten and really loves it.  But she is really shy and afraid to ask for what she needs.  In this case - to use the bathroom.  There was a lot of holding it in.  There were a few accidents when she couldn't hold it any longer.  And now she has a UTI.  I have a good feeling that she has learned a lesson.

My buddy started in a new preschool class and we've had some issues with how clean, or rather not clean, his bottom is after he pooped at school.  I hate that his teachers have to change his diaper.   I wish that he were potty trained, but he is not.  Part of their job is to wipe his butt.  I had to first send a letter than speak to his teacher in person.  I do not like speaking to anyone in person - never mind having the topic be spreading my buddy's butt cheeks to really get in there.   But until my buddy can speak or do for himself, I need to be his voice.

It's funny how all kids - typical or special needs - face challenges that we, as parents, have to help them through.  I am always more aware of my buddy's challenges.  I guess because they last longer and are more apparent.  I also work a lot with my buddy in ways I never had to with monkey bear.  We have a little speech therapy session every morning and potty training will take a very long time to complete.  Once my buddy has the words, he will never have a problem speaking up for what he needs.  He helps monkey bear come out of her shell to be the best she can be.  He loves his two sisters more than any words could ever express.

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