August 30, 2012


Monkey bear is in kindergarten as I write this.  I wonder if she is enjoying herself or if she is scared and missing us.  I am very happy to report that she went off without a tear and I managed not to say, "You're wearing THAT?!" 

It's funny because my buddy starts school today as well, but I have no concerns at all. Maybe because he went to school over the summer or because he is in the same school with a teacher who already knows him or maybe because he has no problems at all leaving me behind and joining his friends.  He is a social guy who loves to be out and about.  In fact this morning when we dropped monkey bear off at 'his' school, he was pissed that he couldn't stay.

Now monkey bear is out in the real world - spending more time with others than with me.  Full day kindergarten.  How did that happen?  Just the other day it was just her as a baby and me.  All day together to do whatever we wanted.  I know at some point she needs to find her own way in the world.  I do want her to grow into her own person. Make her own discoveries and have our relationship change in the way it is supposed to.

But can I just say that I miss her?

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