December 28, 2012


I try and approach parenthood with a heavy dose of understanding.  If one of the kids is acting out I try and think of how they may be feeling and what kind of outside forces may be at work as well.  Sometimes it is as simple as a good snack to refuel.  Other times its a bit more complicated like really missing "Mommy time" or having Daddy be away.  I want to raise little individual people not just pods who will do everything exactly as I say so I try and listen and work with them as much as possible.

Unfortunately for my buddy I just don't understand him.  I cannot figure him out.  When he sees a baby and pushes them down, does he have any idea that he can hurt them and always scares them?  I tell him every time.

When I tell him iPad time is over and he says over and over "iPad.... iPad.. .iPad...", does he just hope he will wear me down?  Does he understand what I am saying?

Why does he have to spit the food out of his mouth just because he wants a drink of milk?

Every time he throws, he sits in time out.  Yet he still constantly throws things.

Is there some sort of crazy logic known only to him or does he just act on impulse?

Why the need to hug every male over the age of 50?

I know my buddy gets frustrated because he can't tell me what he wants.  But I honestly believe that half the time he doesn't even know what he wants.  Or maybe he does and I just truly don't get him. 

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