January 15, 2013


I thought I'd share just a few snippets of what my day was like.  Just a typical day living my oh so glamorous life. 

After we dropped monkey bear off at school, I headed to the grocery store with my buddy and rara.  I was so excited to hear my buddy trying to talk that I bought the Mickey Mouse dried apples, Arthur cookie mix and Angry Birds cheese-its upon his request.  My buddy will, of course, eat none of these things but he was so excited.  He would point to the crackers, say "caca", point to my list and say "issss."  As if he was reading the list and I specifically needed Angry Birds crackers.  (I won't tell how much I spent.)

Then I dropped my buddy off at school.  He walks around the car to rara's side.  Then proceeded to step in the grass and pick up a piece of dog poop squishing it between his fingers.  I wet wipe his hand off, grab rara and walk him into school asking one of the paras to please wash his hands right away because he just picked up poop.

Rara doesn't want to be left out of the fun so she has started her own shenanigans.  While rara is nursing, she will unlatch, push with both hands and then laugh hysterically as milk shoots out and squirts her in the face.

We head back to school to pick up the big kids and one of monkey bear's class mates tells me she is in the nurses office because she cut her hand and needed a band aid.  When I get to the nurses office I see a ghost white monkey bear and a nurse with a concerned look on her face.  It seems monkey bear was cleaning up and scraped the palm of her hand on the bottom part of a chair.  She walked over to her teacher with her bloody hand out and said she needed a band aid.  She then threw away the flap of skin that was scraped off and headed to the nurses office.

When I got there the pain and amount of blood started to scare her so she started dry heaving and breaking into a sweat... just after the nurse walked out of the room.  So I hurried her over to the garbage can (with rara still in my arms) putting a cold cloth on her head and prompting her to aim for the garbage.  She eventually calmed down, drank a little juice and we headed down - very late at this point - to get my buddy.  The good news is he doesn't care that we are late.

Then an uneventful dinner and bedtime.  That rara better sleep good tonight because I need all my strength to make it through another day!

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