July 10, 2013


It's my fault, really.  I did it.  I blinked.  Suddenly my little monkey bear went from this:

her very first baby doll... it was love at first sight

To this:

If only her cart were bigger she really could do all the shopping on her own.

She no longer likes being called monkey bear and, to me, it doesn't even fit her anymore.  Gone is the baby who used to laugh at all our silly monkey bear rhymes and songs.  In its place is this (mostly) mature kid who is anxious to help and craves more independence.

My mother-in-law really didn't believe that monkey bear could talk when she was little.  She refused to say anything in front of anyone because she was so shy.  We had friends her age that we used to see a few times a month at playgroup for 5 years and she still never spoke to them.  She went all of preschool only speaking to one little girl - and just one word answers.

She would never leave my side when others were around.  Now look at her:

she never even looked back once

Monkey bear said if I have to use a nickname - she prefers her real name - I can call her 'sis'.  There goes the name of my blog!  I will try it out because that girl of mine is worth it.  You never know how your kids will turn out.  You just try your best to instill what you can and then set them free into the world.  I am so proud of the person sis is becoming.  I feel even at the tender young age of 6, I get these glimpses of the adult she will be.

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