July 6, 2013


We had a play date at our friends house this week. She has Down syndrome too.  I don't have many friends that I see on a regular basis who have kids like my buddy.  I was reminded of how nice it is not to have to apologize when he knocks her youngest down more than once. 

We got talking about how having a child with Down syndrome is more than just having a child who is slow to learn things.  There's the juxtaposition of abilities and disabilities.  For example my buddy knows all his alphabet letters and what sound they make yet he can't resist the urge to knock down little kids.  I have spent the last 4 years telling him at least 10 times a day not to throw his cup of milk (even showing him the proper way to place it on the table) and he still throws it yet he can kick my butt at Angry Birds. 

It is so refreshing to talk to a mom who really gets it.  I don't think I'll ever really understand how my buddy works, but I am going to keep on trying.

My 'summer of fun' may need to be changed to 'fun for the kids but Mommy may lose it at any point in time'.  But I'm still trying with that too. 

Spending all morning in our jammies.  I'm all over this one.

Playing at the mall.  All 3 kids went different directions. Need more eyes!

We took a hike.  My buddy kissed every dog that went by and shook every little tree.

They really had a good time.

We went to the beach, but brought Daddy for back up. 
I still don't know why my buddy loves having people come over, but wants them to leave after 10 minutes.  Or why he will melt down instead of just letting me know what he needs.  I do know that everything is always better after I pick him up and love on him for a while.

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