September 27, 2013


I must confess:  I love having the big kids in school all day.  It feels so good knowing they are learning both book knowledge as well as life lessons.  They are being taken care of and learning how to take care of themselves.  And I feel free.

So free that I've been pulling out some Fosse moves around my kitchen while listening to Broadway Showstoppers.

I've made time for me... well not really just me since I do still have rara with me and I have to work around her schedule.  We take walks every morning.  We stretch and enjoy some daytime TV.  Perhaps we run an errand.  Perhaps we stay home and clean.  Everything is getting done and I don't feel overwhelmed.

There is time to read.  There is time to clean.  There is time to watch TV.  There is time to grocery shop.  I feel content.  I haven't even freaked out too much with all the traveling the husband is doing.  Dare I say it... life is really good.

I had a PPT this week and they added extra services!  All on their own.  It was a fun, jolly meeting.

Some joy from this week:

changing her babies diapers

they play under this tree every day after school

how wrestling ends in snuggles with the girls

showing me where she just threw her other slipper

I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.  But I am really enjoying this lull in excitement.

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