October 7, 2013


My tendency to over-mother (4 words in and I'm making them up already) combined with my husband's nervous helicopter ways has created a lack of independence around here.  I am working hard on getting big sis to take care of herself more.  I've been really pushing her.  It's funny because she will spend hours taking care of her 'babies' yet she will get out of the shower and stand there dripping wet waiting for me to dry her off.

At times we may be a little hard on her, but I believe big sis can rise to the challenge.  We still respect her limits - she is not into physical activities and tends to tire easily.  Most of our walks end up something like this.

good thing I keep the sling in the stroller in case of emergencies

I set up a cabinet she can reach with snacks that she likes.  I'm encouraging her to help with cooking and cleaning.  She spends a lot of time looking out for the littler kids.

brushing her own teeth

helping to bake a cake

She has always been good at picking out her own clothes and entertaining herself.  She has this amazing creative mind and a bucket full of empathy.  I wouldn't buy her a new doll, so she made one herself. 

it's the little mermaid

I'm still working on other ways to up the independence.  She has a lot of fears.  She won't go in the backyard by herself.  She's still afraid to be in one part of the new house alone if we are all in a different part.  I don't want to change who big sis is - she is amazing.  I just want to help her take it to the next level.

On a lighter note:

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