May 13, 2015

you are loved

I had forgotten how fun it could be to see little minds emerge. I'm so used to my buddy's ability to only communicate his immediate wants and needs. I know he has funny little tidbits to say but just doesn't have the words.

Rara, on the other hand, will talk your ear off. She comes up with the funniest things and has ideas that are all her own. The other day she was naming all the people who love her.

"Daddy loves me. Mommy loves me. Big sis loves me. My buddy doesn't love me. He just yells at me."

Oh the heartbreak.

So we had a conversation about Down syndrome, not being able to talk, getting upset and having no words, boys and their rough ways and how wrestling can be a display of affection. I assured her that my buddy does indeed love her. It was quick and aimed at her level.

Today she listed the people who love her again. This time saying, "My buddy loves me. He just gets frustrated."

I can understand how you would think that someone who is constantly dumping water on your head and doing all sorts of unpredictable things to you might not love you that much. I know that as she grows, she will understand him better and know that when he tackles you, licks the side of your face and laughs hysterically that you are deeply loved.

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