November 16, 2015


I think it's safe to say that my buddy doesn't like school. If you ask him, he'll choose home over school every time. I wish I could blame school but I'm pretty sure it's not them. He has an amazing team that works tirelessly to keep him focused and engaged. The problem is he just doesn't want to.

My buddy sees school as an endless day of doing what other people want him to. Plus it's a lot of work. He has a classroom teacher and a special ed teacher both demanding that he learn. Then there's the speech therapist, OT, PT and psychologist all pushing him to be his best.

On his progress reports over and over I read things like: He requires consistent encouragement to succeed with tasks. He can complete 4/5 assignments within a session when he feels healthy and the reinforcer is meaningful to him. Unable to cooperate with this activity. Fluctuates significantly depending on behavior.

I know how smart my buddy is. I know that he is performing way below his potential. It's really frustrating. Will he always be so unmotivated at school? Will he ever want to have a job? Is there something I could have done better - pushed him harder, made fewer excuses?

I remember loving elementary school and looking forward to seeing my friends and learning new things. School should be something that puts a smile on a child's face. I hate that is's such a struggle for him. I wish I could observe him all day without him knowing to see what it is really like for him. I get a call at least once a week from the nurse that he was really mad and kicked a wall or hit his head or hurt himself in some way. It both breaks my heart and makes me want to shake him and say, "Buck up. Life is full of hard work"

Not knowing how to help your child is so hard.

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