May 26, 2016


I've joined a few self portrait groups in order to help my photography skills grow. Since I'm always available and willing... I've turned out to be one of my best subjects. I love looking through other posts and appreciate all the creativity and sweet shots of moms and their kids.

Unfortunately I've noticed a trend - especially in the momographers. They apologize for the fact that they are in the picture. Sometimes their body isn't what they want it to be, or their face looks funny to them or the photo isn't "perfect". They point out all their perceived flaws... leading you to notice the flaws when you wouldn't otherwise.

The women taking these photos are photographers of some sort and the shots are beautiful. They are capturing moments and their kids are going to be so grateful when they grow up to have the memories preserved.

Why as women do we feel the need to apologize just for being there? I say - put yourself in that photo. Keep it to yourself if you want or post it so everyone can see. But don't you dare say one bad thing about it. I have never once looked at a self portrait and thought, "Geez. She really should NOT ever be in a picture." Women - all shapes, sizes, colors, etc - are beautiful. Capture those memories for your kids. Don't let them think for an instant that you weren't there. Your kids will thank you.

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