April 30, 2016


I'm in a bit of a funk, as I like to call it. I think it's a combination of too many funerals, not enough photography and writing, and the general exhaustion that comes with being a parent. I'm sure I could use more laughs with friends and less worry about my buddy's behavior in school. I don't often fall into the comparison hole, but lately it seems like everyone else has more friends, is thinner, takes better pictures, has more fun, etc. The reality is that we are all human and we are all hot messes. I know better than anyone that a picture may say 1,000 words... but they all might be misleading.

Take this one for example:

I could write something poignant about sadness but the reality is that he was all congested so his eyes were watering.

I am lucky that my funks don't ever turn into depression. Plus I have these crazy kids to entertain me and bring my spirit up.  So I will force myself to find things that I enjoy and throw myself into them. What do you do to break out of a funk?

Here's a small selection of moments that bring joy.

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