December 20, 2016


The holidays are so much fun yet so stressful at the same time. The kids love all the traditions - getting the tree, decorating it, seeing Santa and driving around looking at Christmas lights. They all really love to give gifts. My buddy's favorite time of the year is when he walks all around school handing out his holiday thank you cards and gifts.

The stress of the holidays is not to be denied. For my buddy, the most stressful thing is the big family holiday party. I try and talk about the good and the bad parts of raising a child with special needs with extra stress on the good. I don't like admitting there are things that my buddy just can't handle but big gatherings are so hard for him.

This year, despite the hurt feelings it will cause, we decided to do what is best for our family and skip the big party. My job is to make sure my family is safe and happy. Even big sis ends up with a tummy ache every time we go to a big gathering... the curse of an introvert. I wish things could be different. Usually it's just our immediate family that has to live our life based on what my buddy can handle. It's hard as a mom who is desperately trying to change how the world sees my son, to have to spell out his shortcomings and ask point blank to have his needs taken into consideration.

This year we start new traditions and selfishly do what makes our family happy. This is our one life and we are choosing us.

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