March 10, 2010


My buddy is driving me up a wall.  Whenever he wants something, he screams at me.  He stands at the gate in the kitchen shouting, he hollers whenever a toy isn’t turned on, he bellows when food isn’t shoveled into his mouth fast enough.  I am so tired of being shouted at.  He has plenty of signs that he knows and uses, but to get my attention or, god forbid, I don’t move fast enough, out comes the screaming.

I am working on different ways to change this behavior, but so far no luck.  I’ll give him this much, the howling is effective.  It gets my attention every time.  I can only ignore it for so long before it pushes me over the edge.  I can be heard mumbling … “someday he will talk, someday he will talk”.

I love that my buddy knows what he wants and is trying to communicate his needs.  I really do appreciate each and every milestone - like when he wanted me to hold him instead of Papa.  I am confident that someday he will say “Mama” and I will tire of hearing that as well.  Hopefully, I’ll look back to these days and relish in hearing my name over and over again.

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