January 19, 2011


Monkey bear is into fashion.  I'm not sure where she gets it, but I do know it's not from me.  My clothes scream, "please don't notice me."  Any attempts I made at putting together an outfit in my youth consisted of copying someone else's look.

Monkey bear gets out of bed and heads straight for the dresser in the morning..  It's never just a shirt and pants.  There are many layers to each look - pants, long sleeved shirt, dress, extra skirt, and just the right socks.  Usually about the time I am in the shower the outfit is deemed, "not quite right" and she is allowed to change. 

Then there is story time in bed at night.  You can't just tell a story.  Each character has to have a specific outfit - description provided by monkey bear.  There are many dresses and fancy shoes that sparkle and don't forget the hat.

When we are at Target we spend some time strolling down the toy isle.  Never once has monkey bear asked for a toy.  Then we hit the clothing racks and she wants "just one new shirt ... please."  When the bag of hand-me-downs comes from her cousin you would think it was Christmas morning.

It's amazing how girly one can become with no real role model.  I'm afraid to see what the teenage years will bring.

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  1. Yup. Same thing with Jane. EXACTLY. I am such a tomboy and she is so...NOT.