January 31, 2011


My buddy does not play well with others.  Monkey bear had a preschool friend over for the first time today.  Her friend has a little baby brother.  He is now traumatized by my buddy.  Not two minutes after he was out of the carseat, my buddy shouted in his face and bashed him in the chest.  Immediate baby screams.  His mom couldn't believe baby's reaction - he has two older sisters who are loud and in his face all the time.  I told her all babies react the same to my buddy.

My buddy continued on to hit monkey bear's friend in the head, throw any toy he could get his hands on at the baby, as well as growl in the baby's face several more times.  In between this wonderful display, he threw himself down screaming because the wrong music was playing and again because I wouldn't put on a TV show for him.

I spent the whole time being a referee and trying my best to get him to stop the shouting.  It wasn't really the first impression I wanted to give this mom.  In his defense, last night was not a good night sleep and he may (or may not) be coming down with something.

My buddy is becoming increasingly frustrated these days.  He demands that the world goes his way - or watch out.  He understands so much more than he can communicate.  As his frustration rises, so does mine.  I"m sure the lack of sleep (for both of us) doesn't help.  I'm hoping we can help him with some other forms of communication so he can express himself better.

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  1. Been there. Done that! Get baby sign language DVD's...don't be ashamed to throw on a movie in a pinch...and know that it does pass...it gets easier in direct comparison with their ability to communicate.

    I send ((hugs))...really, been there.