January 24, 2011


I really am grateful for this life I am allowed to live.  I tend to complain a bit, but when it comes right down to it I have never been happier in my life.

We are so lucky to have two beautiful, healthy children.  My buddy could have had so many health complications but (knock on wood) we've avoided the major ones so far.  It can be easy to focus on what he cannot do, but the things he can do are amazing. 

I am fortunate that I get to stay at home with my kids.  I can choose if it will be a muffin making house cleaning kind of a day or one where no toys get picked up and lots of books are read.  I try my best to save money where I can and keep my eyes open for little ways to make money.  I haven't come across any good making money options.  The last one I googled - becoming a surrogate - had a big payout, but just a small disclaimer I couldn't get past:  "willing to undergo abortion at the request of the parents if the pregnancy involves genetic complications."

I think this would have offended me even before I gave birth to a "genetic complication".  I'm trying in little ways to get the word out that Down syndrome isn't a thing to be feared.  Maybe some day I'll do more but for now the kids need me.

So for today, I'm just living life and focusing on the joy my two kids bring me.  They have changed me more than I ever thought they could.

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  1. MY SIL was a surrogate and the abortion stipulation is really up to the parents. My SIL actually had a selective reduction clause in her contract and got preg with triplets and, with the babies mother, decided to go ahead and have all three. Just so you know- you could still do it and they'd be lucky to have you.