April 5, 2011


Dear Little Boy at the Library:

I am so sorry you were there when my buddy and I came to the library today.  You were so kind, coming right up to my buddy saying, "Hi" and introducing yourself.  You even invited my buddy to play at the train table with you.  My buddy, of course, ignored you and headed to the horses.  When you tried to play with him, he pushed the barn away from you.

After a short while, you did get a nice greeting from my buddy - the face push and growl.  It was done with a smile, so you took it in stride.  You were so excited when my buddy came over to the train table to join you.  Unfortunately, that excitement didn't last long as my buddy tried to swipe the one train you were playing with.  Oh, and the look on your face when he threw that train... let's just be glad he didn't hit you with it.

I'm sure you were relieved when we left after a short while.  I truly am sorry that my buddy got one last push in as I was trying to collect our things.  I hope you can forgive us and we can meet again under better circumstances.

With Deepest Regret,
That Mom

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  1. Awww, I am really enjoying your stories once again. The little boy in the library was such a sweet child, I'm sure Buddy will have many friends like that boy as he grows older. And congrats on the Mile Stones! Haha - too cute that he gave you full mouth kisses. You're doing a great job & I'm sure any child would call themselves luck to have you as his or her mom! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!