August 20, 2011

the leash

My buddy has a leash.  OK so it's this super cute backpack that has a tether attached to it, but to me it's the same.  I never in my life, even after having kids, thought I'd be a mom who had to put their kid on a leash.  I mean, who has a kid who can't walk next to them in a public place?  Me.

I bought it mostly for when we go to Disney next month.  I imagine I won't feel foolish using it there.  And if I do, I can make my parents 'walk' my buddy while I stroll behind pretending I don't know them.

My buddy hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet.  At times he does really well- I remind him that he needs to walk next to Mommy and it's not as bad.  Then there are those times where it's like walking a 36 pound puppy who suddenly sees a squirrel.  I fear the plastic hook won't hold.  Oh and I do apologize to those individuals we clotheslined.

Unfortunately my choices are limited.  I can keep him strapped into his stroller when we are, say at at the mall on a busy weekend day.  My buddy will get no exercise and learn no skills on how to manage oneself in a crowd.  Or I can 'walk' him trying to teach him to stay next to the stroller and not sign "go" and then run.

In the past, you could find me abandoning the stroller and chasing my buddy while calling to monkey bear to make sure she was safe.  She does enjoy the chase and is usually right there with me.  I figure that scenario (which happened every time I let my buddy loose) is just about as embarrassing as putting my buddy on a leash.

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