August 18, 2011

less trouble

Out of nowhere my buddy has become less trouble.  I suppose a more accurate description would be that his trouble has matured.  But more on that later.  First let's enjoy the good parts:

My buddy kept his shoes and socks on for the 5 minute ride to the grocery store.  First time ever!

He is able to walk through the parking lot holding my hand without throwing himself down on the ground in protest of holding my hand and walking the direction I want him to.

My buddy came up to me and said, "aack" without signing anything.  Meaning - I'm hungry, can I please have a snack.  He actually knew his needs and communicated them to me using only words.

When I say "wait" in the store (on those rare occasions when he is allowed out of the cart) he actually pauses for a second or two before taking off.

So, my buddy has really matured and seems to understand so much more.  He gets in the car on a summer afternoon and signs "hot".  This may not mean much to you, but to me he is initiating conversation and giving me a little peek of what is going on in that busy mind of his.

Of course, there is another level of trouble waiting at every turn.  My buddy now needs to have every toy that monkey bear is playing with.  He grabs onto it with all his might - and that is a lot of might - and throws himself backwards until he is laying down using his whole body to pull.  That boy has a good grasp of leverage and physics.  My buddy has also taken to chasing monkey bear around the house trying to throw things at her head.

My buddy continues to be our greatest source of entertainment and laughs.  Just the other day monkey bear said, "I never want my buddy to grow up because he is just so silly when he is 2."

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