August 18, 2012

out and about

We like to go on special outings with the kids to have some fun and make some memories.  Sometimes they go very well and everyone is happy and engaged.  Other times they go oh so wrong.  I'm not sure if we expect too much of my buddy and just don't know his limits.

It can be so frustrating to plan a trip to the zoo or aquarium and have it be one big meltdown after another.  I think maybe my buddy gets easily overwhelmed when there is too much going on.  I hate having to strap him screaming into the stroller just so monkey bear can enjoy an animal or two.  I don't understand what he wants when he throws himself down - not wanting to sit or be carried or walk - and he has no way of telling me.

Then we visit a children's museum and my buddy is perfect - enjoying the interactive displays, playing appropriately and lasting a few hours before he throws himself down and is done.  Or he will sit and watch the sea lion show and clap with everyone else enjoying the show.  I do not have the magic equation so we always have a positive experience.

I have a small hope that my buddy will get better as he gets older, but I have a feeling we still have a few years left of meltdowns.  For now, we will keep trying and be thankful that monkey bear is so understanding when we need to leave early.

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