October 14, 2012


We have an ongoing joke around here when it comes to my buddy's extra chromosome.  If he's having a mischievous day, the extra chromosome is all trouble.  If some super loud gas erupts, than it's all Portuguese.  The reality is that extra chromosome is all empathy.

Recently, little rara has been left to cry a little in her crib to get herself to sleep.  The first night, my buddy laid in front of his door and cried along with her.  No matter how much I tried to convince him that she was fine and she would fall asleep soon, he didn't stop crying until she did.

My buddy may be the one that smacked you in the head with a truck, but he is the first one to give you a hug and a kiss.  No matter who is upset - a perfect stranger or his baby sister - my buddy has to check it out and make sure that everyone is fine.

At least three times a day, my buddy will go around the room at random times giving everyone a hug and a kiss.  He never misses a person.  My buddy may not have the words to say how he feels, but a day never goes by where I doubt the immense intensity of his love for us all.


  1. Happy Birthday little man. Elena how often we are on the same wave length! Rory went to visit our friends; they have a 5 month old. This little baby would of course cry when hungry of when he needed to be changed...and Rory just sat there crying until the baby stopped. And then we went pumpkin picking and there was a little girl in the field crying next to her grandmother...well Rory stood there patting her back and so, so concerned. Empathy is right!!!
    Christina (Rory's Mom)