October 10, 2012


It seems like lately everyone needs a piece of me and I seem to be spinning in circles not quite getting anywhere.  I know this is a direct result of adding a new little into the family.  Everyone is more needy and I am just so tired.  I get overwhelmed with all there is to do that I distract myself with, oh I don't know, writing a blog entry and pretending I live a life of leisure.

I thought with the big kids in school, things would be slower.  Oh how wrong I was.  I have to leave the house in a timely manner 3 times a day.  90 minutes of my day is spent in the car because I am too overprotective and won't put my buddy on a bus.  Then there is all the paperwork and homework.  My buddy had a fall project we had to do.  There are a lot of things he really enjoys... decorating a paper pumpkin is not one of those things.

I tried to implement a sticker chart with my buddy to help with his behavior at home.  Really it should be a sticker chart for me. It slowed me down and forced me to pay more attention to my buddy, which of course improved his behavior.  He only throws and is a menace when I am in the other room and he craves some attention.  Maybe I should make a sticker chart for myself... clean toilets, earn a sticker, play game with kids, earn a sticker, 20 stickers gets Mama a new pair of shoes.  Anyway, after a few days of spending so much time focused on my buddy's behavior improvement, I was exhausted because I was up way too late folding laundry, washing dishes, filling out birthday invitations and everything else I didn't get done during the day.

Monkey bear has been really needy since starting Kindergarten.  She had a weekend where she just kept crying because she missed Mommy and she told me that sometimes her eyes get a little teary at school because she wishes she was with me.  It broke my heart a little.  Then she gets all mouthy and snarkily says her new catch phrase - "I don't care".  Also since school, she has been waking in the night to use the potty so she is more tired... as am I because she wakes me up as well.

Poor little rara.  She never gets to nap or eat when she really wants.  She rarely gets to be free to roll about and she's always getting shoved back into the car.  Hopefully she will be on some sort of a schedule that works with drive times and things will be a little more predictable for her.  Oh and if she could stop waking me up multiple times a night, that would be great.

I keep on thinking there must be a way to do it all.  If only I had the right schedule set up I could somehow cook, clean, do dishes, pay the bills, laundry, exercise, shower, give all 3 kids attention, help with homework, speech therapy, grocery shop, bathe all kids, make photobooks, write in baby book, perform mentally enriching activities appropriate for each aged child, properly potty train my buddy and read a book.  Until I figure that out, I'll just keep perusing Pintrest hoping for a magic answer.

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  1. I highly recommend using the bus!!!! Chloe LOVES it!!! It's HER thing that she gets to do, and frees me up quite a bit. Think about it... It's worth a try .. Hang in there! This too shall pass... (((( hugs )))