October 25, 2012

the corner

My buddy has an internal sensor that seems to know when I am at my breaking point.  He then magically turns a corner and gives me a break... well as much of a break as he can.  After some good advice from my mom (the retired Special Ed teacher) and some time ignoring house cleaning and focusing on my buddy, things are on the upswing.

Maybe all the talk about being a big 4 year old boy hit home.  He's even used the potty twice at school.  Maybe he just decided that sitting in time out stinks and getting rewarded with the iPad is a much better choice.  Whatever the reason, I am grateful. 

My buddy's birthdays always bring about an abundance of emotions.  There is no way not to relive the first time you hear the words Down syndrome or how you had to leave him at the hospital hooked up to countless machines.  I also can't help but think - now he is 4 and still can't talk.  Does he even understand that it is his birthday? 

He did have a nice party.  We let him play the iPad and open presents whenever he wanted.  He hugged every last person to say Thank You and didn't melt down once. 

In unrelated news, monkey bear is coming out of her shell at school yet really craving Mommy at home.  At school, monkey bear is going potty and talking and has "3 best friends".  She is also crying at night because she misses me so much during the day.  It breaks my heart.  Growing up is so hard.

Rara is refusing to nap longer than 20 minutes and still wakes up at least twice at night.  She has these totally crabby times of day where she is so tired but just can't sleep.  Then she has times where she squeals with delight and rolls about the floor with pure joy in her heart.  Around 6pm she hits a wall, but all she needs is to be stripped naked and set free.  (Of course I have all these fears that she will have sensory issues as she grows, but that is just me being paranoid.)

So, I am still tired, but things are looking up.  Some days I am like Super Mom and all three kids get bathed and those are the days I will remember.

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