November 2, 2012


Some days I am bummed that my buddy doesn't anticipate much.  When a holiday is approaching, half the fun for me is getting excited at the good times that we are soon to have.  Monkey bear and I spent weeks talking about different Halloween costumes and while I wouldn't have chosen what she did, I appreciate her ability to make the holiday her own.  My buddy could care less about a costume and wasn't excited at all when we talked about Trick or Treating.  Although, when he is in the moment it is magical.  I guess we could all take some lessons on being present.

On Halloween, my buddy marched right up to every house, knocked on the door, stepped back to avoid getting hit by door and held out his bucket like a pro.  Before leaving he gave a hearty "aaa oooooo" while signing 'Thank You'.  I tried only one time to help him carry the candy bucket, but he was not letting go for anything.

Other days I appreciate the lack of anticipation.  Today we went to have his blood work done.  I like to tell him what is going to happen even though it doesn't seem to matter to him.  My buddy is fine until we sit in the big chair and the nurses swarm in to help me hold him down.  Then it could just break your heart with the "Mama" and tears streaming down his face.  But a few munchkins later he's moved past the trauma.

I will be glad when the long list of doctor's appointments that come with each of his birthdays is over.  Not a day goes by that I cease to be thankful that he is healthy.  While I anticipate how sick he will get from the germs, he is too busy enjoying  the feeling of his tongue on the bottom of his shoe to care.

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